Desperado is a ranged mercenary who uses a pair of Desert Eagle to perform stylish and consecutive attacks.

— In-game Training Introduction

Desperado (데스페라도) is a Mercenary wielding Dual Desert Eagles on each hand, firing off bullets rapidly while constantly moving.


  • Running.
  • Double Jump [Joker-Jump Animation].

Standing Attacks

Attack (1-2)> Attack (1)> Attack (1)> Attack (1)

Two melee swings with each gun followed by frontal kick and a final axekick, launching Desperado into jump state upon hit contact. Depending on how close Desperado is, the first melee gun swing will deal 2 hits instead of 1.

Aiming rectile appears, release Attack to fire off the first bullet. Press Attack for additional shots (up to 4).

Shoots 5 projectiles from the desert eagles in rapid succession to each button press.

Dash Attacks

Jump Attacks