Not to be confused with the appearance-only variant, Costumes

Gears are garments or armor worn by mercenaries, providing them with benefits such as Skills, Passives and Damage Reduction Percentage (BDR%).
Gears are divided into 4 main types, each with their respective button triggers: Trinket (AS), Helmet (AD), Armor (ASD) and Weapon (SD).
Each Mercenary has their own set of Gears by default, and they can be mix-matched by equipping independently from Inventory.

However, not all Gears function the same.


  • Perks given by being equipped, either innately or by having a specific condition met when its gauge is filled.


Active Gear

Skill Ready > Skill Activated > Skill on Cooldown

  • Performs a Skill after its gauge is completely filled, mainly over time.
  • Once Skill is ready, the icon will change from the respective Gear icon to the respective Skill icon.
  • After activating Skill, the gear category returns back to cooldown.
  • Note that activating a Skill will consume the gauge on all Mercenaries with an active gear of the same Category.
    • Example: Activating a Helmet Gear consumes the guage of Helmet Skill, even after swapping to another Mercenary with a different active Helmet Gear.


  • Performs an action after its gauge is filled, gauge is usually showcased at the top-right of the Gear icon.
  • This action does not affect the gauge of a Skill in the same Gears type category outside of being an action (as in recharge slower).
    • Example: Activating a passive-active Helmet Gear does not consume the guage of Helmet Skill.