Level 10 : Odd Child

You are Alice.

Odd Child

As a child, your family was struggling to make ends meet. In your state of poverty you came across a book titled Alice In Wonderland.

Then, one day. Your father was hit by a brick from above & fell into a coma. So, whenever you were alone you pretended to be Alice & prance around.

Level 20 : Loneliness


The world of Alice was so intriguing to your young mind that you began hallucinating that the characters from

the novel were real. Slowly, your mental state degraded & you lost your temper, Injuring bullies that picked on you.

Wonderland. Whenever you can get to play with the Mad Hatter, Watch Bunny, or Cheshire Cat. To sip tea with them & chat about silly things.

To Be Continued.