Level 10 - Saber



You are code name : Fighter

This is the super advanced planet, named 'Hyper'. Hyper is a planet that serves the Emperor. There were the royal guards that guard the emperor & they were called 'Saber'.

Sabers are the warriors that guard the Emperor & they were trained from birth to be the (?)


Sabers were in charge of protecting people. Each Saber had a different person to protect, and F-Saber took the 'F' that stands for Fighter.

Level 20 - Bodyguard



Best Warrior on the planet.

Not too far away from the planet Hyper, there is another planet called 'Tron'. Tron & Hyper were opposed to each other from the ancient times due to their history.


F-Saber was very proficient in swordsmanship so it wanted to end this long lasting war & restore the peace to the planet Hyper.

Level 30 - Crisis of Hyper

Crisis of Hyper


As time passed by, F-Saber's got better & there was no one that could match the level of F-Saber. As F-Saber grew up, Tron & Hyper constantly had fights. Then, the Emperor of the planet Tron decided to go thought whatever it takes in order to take the planet Hyper down.

Warriors of Tron all went to attack the planet Hyper & because no one knew about it, they were defeated without any effort.


Warriors of the planet Tron have reached the entrance of your fortress. Due to their fierce attack, the barricade soon fell.

Level 40 - Moment of Danger

Moment of Danger


Hyper's Emperor was almost surrounded by the enemy & F-Saber fought hard to protect the Emperor.

His sword skills were definitely the best out of all the warriors but his allies fell one by one as the battle continued. In the end, only the Emperor & F-Saber were left against lots & lots of Tron's warriors, F-Saber eventually fell.


. . .

F-Saber came to conscience & examined its surroundings.

To Be Continued.