Level 10 : The Void

The Void

Quest : You were one of the six brave heroes who saved the world before. But due to conflict of opinions, you were forced to be sealed away for ages.

You remained sealed in a void, waiting, yearning to be free. Free from this prison you've been bound to. Waiting for your rebirth.

Result : As time goes you even started to lose consciousness. Then, one day... You were being pulled by some unknown force & everything in you started to become blurry. Does this mean you are fading away?

Level 20 : Rebirth

Quest : This is the light force of Hazama. You can feel the heat emitting on its own. "Are you awake?" As you awake a man turns his head and speaks to you. You must look at the person talking to you.


"My name is Relius Clover. Susanoo-unit revived you."

Result : Whoever revived you, you are just glad that you are finally out. However it happened, someone did you a great favor by releasing you! You've been sealed away for such a long time that everything is new to you.

Level 30 : Ouroborus


Quest : After adjusting to the world, your goal became clear: You must discover Ouroboros, your archenemy power. You closed your eyes and started to focus. "HAAAAAAAAAAhh!"

You focus your energy & extend your arms. From your hand the snake reaches out & breaks the rock.

Result : You are starting to regain strength but decided to keep it to yourself. Finally, you have regained the power. However you decided to lay low & not tell Relius Clover of this.

Level 40 : Infiltration

Quest : Although you hid the power of Ouroboros, Relius Clover trusted you for your noticeable abilities. So, you were able to work at the Sky Control Centre.


You decided to obey their orders to obtain the other power of Three Mighty Gods, Amateras-unit. Of course, you are going to ditch them once you achieve it. While you are working as their intelligence, you could figure out the location of (sister who sealed you before).

Result : She was (sister of the person who sealed you) away & she's also very powerful. You are astonished to find out the she is the (sister of the person who sealed you). However, she possesses great power as well, leaving you to ponder on what to do.

Level 50 : Dirty Vengeance

Dirty Vengeance

Quest : You have decided to go after the sister of who sealed you. From this quiet place in a mountain, surprisingly you found a (girl) who can help you with your desire.

Nox Nyctores.

Result : You approached (the boy) and dominated (his) mind. And hands (him) one of the (?). You approach the (boy) & use your power to take control over (his) mind. You gave (him) one of your Archenemies, Yukianesa.

To Be Continued.
Note : Words in brackets are not clear. (?) represents missing parts.