Level 10 : Let's become a Cadet Knight!

Let's become a Cadet Knight


Because you hold the Long Iron Sword does not mean you are the master. Without Skills, you are the same as others.

Starting now, you will train like no other. Simply holding a steel sword & wearing steel armor doesn't make you a knight. If you don't have the skills to be a knight, who cares about who you are? From now on, you must practice to get more skills & bring pride upon the title of Knight.


You may be new to the ways of the sword, but the promise you show astounds many!

Level 20 : The day of the Cadet Knight

The Day of the Cadet Knight


Practicing once doesn't mean you know the ways of the Long Iron Sword. It will take daily practice to be the best swordsmen in Lost Saga.

Although you may be tired from practicing, you're an apprentice whose job is to take care of the arms & armor of other knights. Hope is still alive in you, though, & you know you will make a good knight some day. Despite your exhaustion, you've begun training on your own in the moonlight every night.


Hold your sword close to your heart & never let your honor waver!

Level 30 : The Sword is a part of my body!

The Sword is a part of my body!


The Intense training starts now. Carry the sword with a clear mind, & to swing it as if it's part of you.

Become the sword, feel the sword.

Days of sword practice have begun. The most important thing in practicing sword skill is to reach the level where you can control the sword as if it was an extension of your hand. You need to protect the sword as you would to your own body & to practice harder.


The weight of your armor no longer weighs you down.

To Be Continued.