Level 10 : The Birth of a Superhero

The Birth Of A Superhero

You may have heard of stories about people who fell from the sky from another planet or gain special abilities from being bitten by some insect. Did you know that Justice Defender's just a normal person?

You were a normal child born into a normal life, but you grew into something so much greater, be proud!

Level 20 : Exercise for Good Health

Exercise For A Good Health

Your parents insisted on taking on sports since your body was naturally weak. Sports weren't your forte but... as you kept exercising, you started becoming stronger & gained more power.

However, the sports they chose was... Ballet... Maybe it doesn't quite suit you, hehe.

You didn't want to become a ballerina, you just enjoyed wearing tight pants. Now you have an excuse to do so!

Level 30 : Invitation from Heroes' School

Invitation From Heroes' School

One day, you received an anonymous letter. However, your parents remain serene about this.

The letter tells you to go to Washington D.C. Station, Platform 9 & 3/4 to get on the express train to Heroes' School. What...? You heard this story somewhere? Haha, nonono, you're just getting it confused.

You received an invitation to the famous Heroes' School. But you trashed it, because you couldn't read the letters.

To Be Continued.