Level 10 : Evil Intent

Evil Intent

There was a being that went around, taking care of the evil magicians called 'The Sorcerer'. The group of evil magicians did not like the fact that there was a person that kept trying to mess with their plans.

So, in order to create a being that can counter 'The Sorcerer', they started to do some testing.

Your parents were also evil magicians.

The source of The Sorcerer's power was the magical orb, but the organization had struggled even trying to obtain a shard of it. Of course, anyone would like to use more than two elements.

Level 20 : Shard


Because of that, you lost both of your parents to The Sorcerer as well. You wanted to avenge your parents, so

you decided to participate in the experiments. However, you were much better at using a sword than magic, so you wanted to become a swordsman.

But for your vengeance, you could throw away anything.

You were so good that you were in charge of the Palace King's guard. So, when you said that you were giving up your title, everyone including your fiancée tried to stop you.

To Be Continued.