Level 10 : Devil-Blood Jade

Quest : Your journey begins young Sorcerer - A journey into the land of Lost Saga.

Devil-Blood Jade

You must focus all your strength & harness the magic you have learned in order to overcome a powerful foe on the battlefield. But first you must train some more.

Result : They say Legends have all started with false lies & gossip... People say Legends are exaggerated versions of the human imagination, but a few actually tell of true stories.

Level 20 : Arrogance

Quest : You seem to know your way around a spell or two, but can you further combo your attacks to devastate your opponent?


Head back into battle & master your attacks!

Result : Wizards decide on something important. Gathering all wizards that represent each attribute. The Sorcerers agreed that a big decision had to be made. The most powerful Sorcerers of each element would gather & decide where the Sorcerers should stand.

Level 30 : The Fallen Mages

The Fallen Mages

Quest : -

Result : "Are you sure you will never regret this decision?" Starts to gather mana inside the staff.

"Are you sure you won't regret that decision?" You asked once more, as you charged your staff with mana.

Level 40 : Punishment


Quest : -

Result : Those who have abandoned the dark, repent. A sudden light fills the hole.

"Those who choose the path of true magic shall pay." As the words came out a bright light filled the hall & spread.

Level 50 : Loss


Quest : -

Result : Wizards present at that event has since been lost. Losing the power to wield their precious magic. The Sorcerers who were there then have all disappeared. Some went insane after losing the power they were so proud of.

Level 60 : Doll Of Justice

Doll Of Justice

Quest : -

Result : Are you... even human? The "Demonic Blood Sphere" that powers you... It might be... inappropriate to call you a human. The power that comprises you, you could be the source of 'Devil-Blood Jade'.

Level 70 : Beyond Time

Beyond Time

Quest : -

Result : The record of you in history. This is different from what I saw in you, but I'm sure the power I felt was indeed yours.

To Be Continued.
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