Level 10 : The reason Space Trooper was chosen

The Reason Space Trooper Was Chosen

You were born into an ordinary family & had an ordinary childhood, but as you grew older. You realized your appearance was indeed cursed... by a perfect face.

You chose to hide your face to avoid unnecessary drama & live normally.

That's the Space Trooper's hidden story, or so they say... really...?

You've learned how to fight in space, but you are new to combat on land. Despite this, you're adapting pretty well!

Level 20 : Training Begins

Training Begins

Your training as a Space Trooper has begun. With a special space suit, helmet & laser gun, you look like an alien...

However, except for the zero-gravity training. You're not that different from others.

You've come from a galaxy far, far away. (?)

To Be Continued.