Level 10 : Boy

You are an orphan, born from the streets. You don't know who your parents are, & when you were born, so you had to assume your age with your looks.


Then, you were adopted by a woman who felt pity. You thought of this woman as your mother because she took you in when your real parents threw you out.

She tried her best to feed you & keep you well clothed. Because of this, she grew older a lot quicker.

Level 20 : Strange Old Man

But regardless of your efforts, you couldn't get much money, & on top of that, she became sick.

Strange Old Man

Because you didn't have money, she couldn't get the treatment she need & died in agony while you watched, feeling hopeless.

After her funeral, you felt like you had nothing to live for. One day, as you were walking aimlessly, you saw an old man lying on the ground. You took him into your house & tried to help him back on his feet.

Level 30 : Wanderer

But out of nowhere, the old man disappeared into thin air. You were very confused but you were also quite


happy that the old man became well enough to leave. Now that you have no one to take care of, you felt more lonely than ever.

Living as a homeless was quite harsh. You could not fit in with any group & wandered everywhere. Some time has passed, while you were passing by a mountain, you were faced with a band of bandits.

To Be Continued.
Note : Results Lore are not clear & therefor not written.