Level 10 : Jealosy

You were always told about the masters of martial arts as your bedtime story. Always hearing about moving the mountain, using the blade like its their limb, got you very excited.


It has become your dream to become like the ones that appeared in the story. But because your family did not have enough money, you could not go to a d

ojo & learn properly. So you decided to go & figure things out on your own. You always enjoyed using a sword.

But you did not have a master, so you had no way of knowing if this is the right way to go or ask about any specific on anything you were attempting to do.

Level 20 : Tiger

Ever since you were young, you followed your mother to the mountain in order to gather worthawhile plants. Deep within that mountain, there resides masters of Moodang.


The mountain would have expensive plants if you get caught, they would not be happy, so you need to be extra sneaky.

One day, you went on the mountain again & encountered a giant tiger. Because of the tiger's growl, you couldn't move any limb.

You threw out everything you had & ran away as fast as you can. You were not looking at where you were going & eventually reached the cliff edge.

To Be Continued.