Premium Iron Knight is a re-skin of Default Iron Knight created by China Lost Saga, Tencent Games. This re-skin brought different textures, visual effects as well as Icons for the Mercenary.


In [Korean Lost Saga], this skin is available as a Premium [Costume] in a set of [Helmet], [Armor] & [Trinket]. ([Weapon] skin is not available).

In [Laxion Lost Saga], the [Default Iron Knight] skin has been completely removed & replaced with the premium skin. Along with a few changes to the game play of the Mercenary. You can buy him directly from the shop.
  • Iron Knight Artwork
  • Premium Iron Knight Stance in LXLS
  • Iron Knight Artwork
  • Premium Iron Knight Head Icons
  • Premium Iron Knight Gears & Skills Icons
Laxion Lost Saga Changes & Additions
Iron Knight - Added Guard Break property to Hold Attacks (excluding Jump Hold Attack & Dash Hold Attack)

- Weapon Skill Cast-time decreased

- Cast-time increased on all Hold-Attacks

- Base Damage Increased

- Base Armor Defense Increased {Needs Confirmation}

- Helmet Skill Stun-time Increased

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